Though we’re far from being perfect, Malia and I have tried hard to build an environmentally and socially responsible company. We often chat with clients who are surprised to hear the lengths that we’ve gone to stick to our core values… and to support those non-profits who are promoting positive change in this world. At the repeated request of more than a few of our clients and our colleagues, we thought we would share a bit about what we’ve been up to… why we’re actively supporting certain organizations and maybe even inspire a few folks to join us.

Here are our most recent attempts to be that change we wish to see; with our time, our money, our expertise and with our actions. Each year we donate over 10% of our profits to charities and non-profits. Some call that tithing, others call it corporate responsibility, we just call it contributing to the common good. In addition to money, we also donate over two weeks of professional photography services to non-profits who would otherwise be unable to afford such a high level of creative investment. It’s been an absolute joy to get to know these organizations and to “tell their story” in ways that help them further their mission. If you know of an organization that could benefit from our help, please let us know.

Leuka & The City of Hope Cancer Center is an intensely personal & important charity for us. Ten years ago, Brian’s beautiful, 32 year old sister Lea went from competing in marathons & triathlons to suddenly being diagnosed with leukemia. We’ve endured the fear, the anger and the hurt of cancer. We’re passionate about helping others who are in the fight as well and are committed to raising money and awareness for cancer research, advocacy and survivors. Every year, Brian rides his bike across the Alps and later down the coast of California, fundraising for survivors.


  • One Percent For The Planet
  • The Surfrider Foundation
  • Jimmy Fund / Dana Farber Institute
  • Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • The Jane Goodall Institute
  • The United Way
  • The Leave No Trace
  • Center For Outdoor Ethics
  • The Access Fund
  • DKMS Americas (Bone Marrow Registry)
  • The Kokua Hawai’i Foundation
  • City of Hope