The world is our playground: We've worked with the best and brightest on hundreds of productions around the globe and have built an amazing team in the process. We represent a collection of truly talented and dedicated people as well as unique locations with access to one-of-a-kind public and private properties near and far.

Our production support began initially with our own productions that we photographed and art directed, but that rapidly expanded as word got out that we had built a talented team of producers and location scouts who met our impossibly high standards. Wedge Creative productions yielded the highest quality creative content, on budget, on time... while having more fun than any of us ever imagined.

With so many friends in the industry who just couldn’t get the kind of production support or access they required, we began offering Wedge Creative Productions to select clients.

Successful Wedge Creative productions always means clear, timely communication as we guide you through a process that yields the greatest creative outcomes with the best talent and best crew available… all while negotiating the best terms for your budget, and having fun. No matter the complexity of the production, great people + great process = great creative product.

Offices in San Francisco, Hawaii, Boston and the coast of Maine.