We are often asked to collaborate with clients to help develop visual elements that capture aspects of craftsmanship, adventure, beauty, health and style. We support select clients as freelance creative and art directors.

Our aesthetic is authentic, clean and unique.

Our visual style may have been influenced by all the years that we lived by the beach in the Hawaiian Islands or on a farm in the great state of Maine; maybe it was our time spent restoring by hand antique wooden sailboats and then captaining them at sea, or even the years that we rocked urban living in downtown Osaka, Japan.

Our visual aesthetic may have been influenced during mountaineering assignments with National Geographic teams in the Himalaya, or racing bikes with elite athletes over the Alps, or quite possibly the incredible experience that only comes from working creative campaigns for brands like VOGUE, LL Bean, Timberland, and Athleta. But whatever it was that formed our visual style, it was real and it was created over time by living creative and uniquely authentic lives.

It only makes sense then that our personal life influences our professional life. We collaborate with clients who appreciate our distinct sense of visual style and value the authenticity that comes from not only our vast photography background, but also our unique relationship with elements of craftsmanship, adventure, beauty, health and style through an active life well lived.