Though our home base is now in beautiful Marin County, California, just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco, we maintain two additional studios: one in Maine and another in Hawaii.

The original Boathouse Studio, perched on the edge of the Atlantic on the coast of Maine, is a beautiful reminder of where it all began for us.

Drawing from Brian's near obsession with craftsmanship and his experience as a wooden boatbuilder, The Boathouse Studio was lovingly restored by Brian and Malia in the winter of 2007. Our studios reflect our love of enduring quality and creativity: the structures are all ecofriendly restorations of antique spaces and are incredible locations for clients to get to know us and understand our values.

Craftsmanship and community is apparent in everything we do. Creating things by hand is a passion: whether it be with a brush, a chisel, a low angle block plane or of course a camera. But creating things with others to be enjoyed and shared is really the ultimate: whether it be a studio, a wooden boat or an awesome advertising campaign.

Through the years, we’ve resisted every temptation to grow “bigger” at the expense of getting “better.” We believe quality films and photography is too important and our connections with clients/campaigns, just too personal.

Our studios remind us that honest craftsmanship, hard work and good cheer can combine to create a truly amazing community. Our clients become our friends.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, Maine or Hawaii, please let us know. We’d love to see you!